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Blog #2 The best vegan food in Singapore & going vegan

If you watched The Game Changers recently it may have had a huge impact on you to either think about going vegan, or like me, trying it out.  Nothing in halves over here people! So I decided to give it a months trial.*

*This was also slightly influenced by some muscley dudes I know in Bali, who all turned out to be vegan if these guys can be strong on veggies, then damn, so can I! 

This isn’t my first attempt at the vegan lifestyle.  The last time in 2016, a year after I moved to Bali, I went the vegan route for about 4 months.  However,  I ended up losing 6 kgs and my hair turned purple.  Ok so I dyed my hair, BUT I did lose too much weight, 54kgs is light for my 5’9 frame, evidence below.

I’m finishing up my 3rd week, and not going to lie, I have managed, not on purpose, to cheat at least once a week. 

  • The first week I snuck in some home-made bone broth into my quinoa (it’s gotta taste good right, plus I didn’t want to waste the broth)
  • The second week, it was one (out of my 9 roommates’) birthdays, at the Blacksand Bewery and she had a chocolate cake from Monsieur Spoon – which by the way, on its own is reason enough not to go vegan.  I am still dreaming about their croissants which are the best outside of Paris,.  For real.  If you are not drinking at someone’s birthday (quit that 23 weeks ago, might blog about it, but undecided), then you damn well better eat cake! Rude not to, right?
  • This week, and my third failed attempt, I had a quick VISA run to Singapore.  You know how it goes… anything that happens onboard, or in the airport, just doesn’t count.  Fast food? Yeah, why not.  The overpriced food selection is never great at an airport. The vegan options looked more than sad and far too expensive, to be honest, but the chicken-egg-mayo was speaking to me. And so was that big chocolate chip cookie.  Was it worth?… Yeah, it kinda was! 

Afterglow by ANGLOW 

I arrived in Singapore with all good intentions to stick to my vegan month as best as I could, given the aforementioned weekly fails.  When I take these 1-day VISA run trips, I plan one thing to do or see, this time it was finding the best vegan cafe.  Afterglow by ANGLOW was a 40min walk from my agent in the heat, and well worth the trip.  If I had been in Canggu it would have been Instagram central. 

The presentation and the quality of the food was bang on.  My “burger” was delicious and the right combo of texture with the rice-bun, guacamole and three-bean patty, with a fresh salad on the side and some seriously delicious sweet potato fries the serving was generous and filling.

Would love to know your vegan cafe recommendations around the world!  Please share in the comments below.

Purple Haired Vegan Babe, 2016

Purple Haired Vegan Babe, 2016

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