What is ROARbarre?

ROARbarre is Barre inspired fitness workout that can be done at home, without equipment.  Barre is a safe and gentle exercise that can be done everyday to strengthen & tone the body, with body-weight or at the very most light dumbbells. ROARbarre incorporates a variety of health & fitness principles for both mind and body.

Fusing ballet-barre dance, strengthening movements, yoga and stretch, you will be challenge everyday in a different way for a complete full workout.

How do I register for the ROARbarre 30-day challenge?

It is super easy to join us!  Just hit JOIN US and signing up for the 30 Day Membership or 30 Day Challenge.  Once payment has been made, expect a confirmation email.  To make sure we don’t end up in your junk mail please add training@roarfitnesshealth.com to your contacts list.  You have exactly 30 days to complete the videos from the date you register.

Is it too late the join the ROARbarre 30-day challenge? 

Not at all! Even though we have specific launch dates you can join us at any time, the videos will still be available.  From the date you join, you will still have a full 30 days access to the challenge, including all the classes you may have missed.

Where can I access the workout videos?

On our website, click WORKOUTS in the top header.  If you are not logged you will be prompted to do so.  

I’ve never taken a Barre class before, can I still join the ROARbarre programs?

Omg!  Yes, please!  ROARbarre is for absolutely everyone.  With a huge variety of modifications and option for all fitness levels as well as options for those pregnant.

What equipment do I need?

Equipment is optional and the whole course can be done without.  If you have nothing, no worries.  In each workout, we will let you know what equipment we will be using and what similar household objects you can use instead.

Here is a list of some of the equipment we use:

  • Yoga mat
  • Pilates ball 
  • Pair of light weights (1-2kg each pc)
  • Resistance bands (loops and full length)
  • Yoga blocks

I’m pregnant, can I join ROARbarre programs?

Absolutely.  ROARbarre is a great and safe way to get some light exercise if you are pregnant with many safe modifications.  As with starting any new fitness program please get the all-clear from your doctor beforehand.

We would be more than happy to give you some personalized information on the best modifications for your term, so do email us once you have registered.

If in doubt or have any concerns, better sign up for the 6 months VIP program which includes a far more in-depth personalised programming.

What happens if I miss a day on the 30-day Challenge?

The program is $30 for 30 days only, which means you have 30 days of access from the day you join.   We understand that life gets in the way and you may not always be able to commit to a daily class; in which case, you’ll just have to double up on some days to keep up!  Unfortunately, we do not off extensions for any of our membership programs, as the program is at a ROARsomely low rate. Hope that makes sense 🙂

If you think it might not be possible for you to complete the 30 classes in 30 days, sign up for either the 3-month unlimited or 6-months VIP program.

What is ROARbarre good for?  Will ROARbarre make me stronger, more toned and feel amazingly ROARsome?

Yes, all of the above!  The ROARbarre programs follow our philosophy that daily movement is not only essential, but it is also possible.  For only 30 minutes a day, using light weights combined with high reps and a super awesome playlist, you will see and feel results… fast! PROMISE! 

ROARbarre daily programs include a variety of ballet-inspired movements, strengthening exercises, cardio and yoga.  You will be guided to move with grace and purpose non-stop for the best online 30-minute workout ever! For real!

Why should I pay for an online program when there are lots of free classes?

Yes, there are a lot of great free workouts online, but have you been able to stick with them?  Not only do we put in a crazy about of love in programming but that small fee will no doubt keep you accountable and committed.  Forget searching through thousands of videos online, just join us.  We are committed to working closely with clients, giving you a personal experience and a better quality of teaching that you can rely on.  You get what you pay for, right? Stop thinking about it and just do it!  With rates super low for our 6-month membership, this really is the best BARRE program you’ll find anywhere.

If you have any questions, email us at training@roarfitnesshealth.com