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Do your cardio. Do your strength. Do your yoga. Above all do your rest. Be nice to people and don’t be a dick. It really is that simple 🙂

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Blog #5 Yoga for Beginners in Bali

Starting new in yoga, fitness or barre can feel so intimidating. 
RFH Beginner Barre & Yoga are for complete newbies and those with some experience.  Limited to 6 clients, the program will move at your pace, giving you the best hands-on feedback and opportunity to get the best out of your practice. 

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Blog #4 How healthy is your relationship with fitness, food & body image?

How healthy is your relationship with being healthy?  Has your relationship with health turned into an unhealthy habit?  Does working-out affect your relationships and work?  These are not unreasonable questions to ask.  More and more in my industry, I am witness to self-obsessed women and men feeding a very real and dangerous addiction to training, with detrimental effects on the mind and body.  

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