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Blog #3 Yin Yoga & Meditation in Bali

Living in Bali comes with the luxury of being able to dip your toe into spirituality sans judgement as and when you feel like and it’s high time this yogi reclaimed her spiritual side.  Less gym/body/burnout, more mind/soul/recharge.

For as long as I can remember I’ve battled to find my balance between energy and rest.  Yo-yo-ing between all extremes of highs and lows of physical energy and mental state. 

With age, my softer, feminine ‘yin’ side has almost vanished, my stronger masculine side ‘yang’ dominant and in full control.  Like a big ball of fire, the flame is heated from the crack of dawn be it coffee or a 6am workout.  The day continues with the same zeal and motivation with little or no room for rest and recovery that often leaves me burnt out.  I need more Yin, it’s a no brainer.

With injury forced upon me (am in physio this week for an old wrist injury and taking time to rest), free time has now opened up for some balance and rest.  With the same energy, I have set out to find more Yin experiences, which is why I ended up at last night’s Yin & Sound Healing at UdaraThe experience was magical. 

A beautiful 2-hour Yin & meditation under the moonlight sky, the class took place on their 2nd-floor rooftop shala, fully open to the elements and the sounds of the beach.  Singing bowls were placed directly onto our bodies, taking us deeper into our meditation as they came around and brought them to life.  

Restorative yin poses were complimented with the echos of sound-gongs dancing around the shala, at times so close you felt the vibrations move through you.  Various unique instruments imitated the ocean and wind, taking you deeper into the “self”.  My face felt numb as I hovered in at that magic sweet spot between wake and sleep, following the instructions in a dream-like state between each simple but effective pose.

Floating back home and quickly finding myself in a deep sleep, I cannot highly recommend evening Yin at Udara more.  Whether you are beginning your spiritual journey or trying out yin for the first time, there couldn’t be a more idyllic location. 

Where and how do you find your yin?  Would love your feedback and advice as I continue to this path.

Until next time, keep it real. keep it roar.


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