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Buffi BARRE instructor

By Miss Buffi Jashanmal

How to Stay Motivated

Worldwide we are feeling in limbo, it is not just here in Bali and I appreciate that.  Having just gone through a few weeks of a mini-Bali version of a lockdown I totally appreciate that feeling of how tough it is to get a good exercise routine going.

Believe me, I struggle with the at-home workouts just as much as anyone. I love to train, but it can be pretty demotivating when you are by yourself.

The best way I can get myself motivated is with my minimalist approach. Getting started for sure is the hardest part, so best you don’t stop.  

One of my favourite 30 min Barre classes. If you want to have more at your finger tips, I suggest you sign up to my website where you can get 200+ workouts, or go for one of the 30 day challenges if you need a kick up the butt! Click here: website.

There are also 25 X 10-minute workouts ranging from Cardio to Stretch, to Upper Body, Lower Body and so on; so for those that really struggle with fitting in 30 minutes, now you have no excuses!

“If I could sum up why Buffi’s class are a cut above, it’s her INCREDIBLE energy. She is so passionate and fun but without compromise on technicality, making for a super-challenging workout where the time almost flies by too fast.” 

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