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Ballet Barre Equipment for home workouts

Do you need ballet barre equipment for ROARbarre? Yes and no. The great thing about our online classes is that all the workouts can be done with absolutely no equipment. This is great for beginners, those with injuries and for those that just want to move!

Personally, I have always liked a challenge. I cannot live without my dumbbells, therabands, and all other fun barre & pilates equipment. I have been teaching Barre for 8 years and I love the variety that comes with adding a yoga block here, a weight there, and playing with the choreo & tempo. There are so many things we can do!

With ROARbarre, as is with any workout, it is important to listen to your body. If something hurts or doesn’t feel right, then, guess what .. don’t do it! I am a huge believer in listening to your body. Challenging yourself, and being mindful of the feedback your body is giving you.

For the best results on any of our programs, I still encourage you to go at your own pace, and I am always here if you want to contact me directly for modifications.

I love my little dumbbells. You cannot believe how 1-2kgs can make such a difference.¬† Don’t know? Well, you need to try!

And to make life easier, you can order your ballet barre equipment right now directly from me, just click HERE!

But if you are not ready to buy just yet, stick with water bottles, and if you need to go heavier, champagne does the trick.

And no I am not talking about drinking it…

For more information on what you need for our workouts, head to the FAQs page.

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