Strengthen, lengthen and tone your body in this high energy, form-focused barre class.  With light weights, high reps and a variety of movement that will keep you on your toes!  Although an intense workout this class is for all levels.  With many modifications and variations to meet all clients levels and goals.

ROARBarre @ The Canggu Studio – 55min

Barre Tone @ Finns Rec Club – 30min & 45min


This class is a fun great way to start your week, with great music and high energy! Don’t be scared, the program begins with a gentle stretch and light mobility to get your mind and body in the game! Once we get started you will be impressed with just how much your body can really do. This is open to all levels.

ROARcardio @ The Canggu Studio – 55min


At ROAR we love yoga! There is nothing we love more than to train hard, build strength and get lost in a strong workout. But there is a time and place for everything, your body needs yoga.  As always music is a bit part of our sequencing, combining classic Indian beats and mantras with Balearic beats and even some brit-pop.  Trust us you will be taken on a unique journey through this active meditation and deep stretch to find yourself in a better place than where you began.

Beach Yoga @ Finns VIP Beach Club – 1hr

Recharge Yoga @ Canggu Nest – 50min