Struggling to keep motivated at home?  Cannot find a workout you can stick with?  We know the feeling, which is why we created the online ROARbarre30 Challenge, a 30minute x 30-day program.

What is special about ROARbarre30 and why does it work? 

Firstly, given that is is only a 30-minute class, it is an easy commitment to keep.  The workouts are fun, diverse and will challenge the body through a variety of movements and principle to really get you results without spending hours at the gym.  And guess what? It takes 30 days to start a new habit.

ROARbarre30 is so much more than a Barre class.  The program is a complete full-body strengthening workout combining cardio, stretch and yoga.  You get everything you need for both mind and body each week.

All these exercises can be done with or without equipment, and at a time and location convenient to you.  Goodbye gym commutes; welcome more time, energy and money!

Join us!

Don’t worry if you missed the new challenge launch date, you can join us anytime and gain full access to all previous and current workouts and challenges.

So what are you waiting for?  Click JOIN US to register today!

If you have any questions, most answers can be found at our FAQs page.  We look forward to seeing you at the barre soon.