All Bali group fitness classes are open-level and drop-in; no booking required.  Rates vary from studio to studio, see links below to the pricing for each studio:

ROARbarre & ROARcardio at The Canggu Studio

Barre Tone at Finns Rec Club

Beach Yoga at Finns VIP Beach Club is free for all members. Non-members pay 100K tab credited towards breakfast after class. Water, towels, mats all included.

Female Fit & Recharge Yoga at Canggu Nest


Personal training and private group sessions are available at your villa at a time convenient to you.  We offer a wide variety of programs to suit your needs.  From strength training, body-conditioning, Hiit, Barre, yoga & meditation.  

If you are not in Bali, don’t worry, we can still work on a one-to-one basis.  Many clients that visit us here continue their programs once they return to their home countries with online personal training conducted via Skype.

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