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New Schedule at The Canggu Studio

New CLASS only at The Canggu Studio

Launching a brand new class at The Canggu Studio!

As of Tuesday 10th Nov 2020, we will be making some changes to the schedule and adding some brand new programs.

Our new BODYWORKS & MOBILITY will focus on lengthening and stretching the body. Each session will focus on various body parts and joints.

Expect to increase your strength and improve your fitness levels. We will be training the body move more effectively while speeding up your recovery time.

A great addition to any fitness program. Whether you train hard, or enjoy yoga, adding a focused program like B & M will compliment your workouts, building stretch control and focus to all your movements and fitness needs.

From 10th/Nov/2020

Tuesday 8.30am BARRE

Tuesday 9.45am BODYWORKS

Thursday 8.30am BARRE

Thursday 9.45am BODYWORKS

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