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Coffee Cubes

Coffee Cubes for dark circles
Buffi BARRE instructor

By Miss Buffi Jashanmal

Coffee Ice Cubes

Sounds simple hey?  But aren’t all the best ideas?!

The truth is, you really don’t need to be rushing off and investing in a ton of special ingredients for your at-home spa. 

Pretty much most of your kitchen ingredients, aka all the things you are happy to ingest, can just as easily be used topically your body.

If something is healthy enough to out into our bodies, then you can be sure damn sure it’s probably good to put onto our bodies!

I love my morning cuppa Joe. In fact, I go to bed excited about waking up and having it. My morning ritual included boiling up water with fresh ginger & turmeric which I pour into my cafetière where cardamom & stevia sit there with my freshly ground Bali Coffee.

Usually there is a little left over, and I hate waste. So what do I do? I am pretty sure you guessed it from the title of the post!

I turn my coffee into cubes! 

“Most things in the kitchen that are good for you to eat, are also good for your skin”


This is a no brainer, but just in case, here is how to:

Freeze any leftover coffee from the coffee pot into cubes.

Use in the morning (or any time of the day) to refresh your eyes.

Disclaimer: Brown coffee ice cubes, can (no shit!) be messy.I wrap the cubes in a face cloth and place them on my eyes laying down.

I highly suggest wrapping a towel around your face/body to avoid coffee water staining your bed/couch/carpet or whatever you happen to be laying on.


The caffeine helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. Even more so, coffee is packed full of antioxidants and is great at firming tightening and restoring the skin.

Just having the smell of the coffee that close to your face is enough to wake you! 

And just in case you already didn’t know, ice is great for your skin; immediately refreshes & wakes up skin, mind & body!

Curious to know where I buy my coffee? I get pretty much all my health food & stuff from The Canggu Shop.

If you happen to be here in Bali, guess what? You get discount at TCS! Don’t forget to use code ROAR5 at checkout.


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