An Introverted, Strong 39-year old Women in a Millenial Instagram World.


Hey there, Buffi here and this is my  ROARsome blog.   Slightly unsure about becoming yet another fitness blogger in an already over-saturated market.  From know-it-alls to those that think-they-do-but-don’t, begs me to as the question (in a Carrie-esque voice, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you are too young to be reading this): is there really space for me?  (Don’t answer that)

For my first blog I am simply going to introduce myself and let you know a little about this blog, which of course is going to be about fitness, food, health & beauty, a little bit of travel and all the same other shit everyone writes about, right!?  But no one has my view on it, right! I mean.. roar?  It’ll have some of that ROAR and real direct no BS approach that you guys either love or hate about me.  If I was a condiment I would be vegemite and if you don’t get what I’m on about, then maybe you’re too young or gluten-free.

So who am I? I am a passionate, loud, but secretly kind and gentle; a determined introvert (arg… I just died a little inside using that word, so overused and over shared).  Is it just me, but isn’t everyone an “introvert” these days?  I hear this word being used all the time, people passionately declaring they are introverts at the top of their lungs.  Doesn’t seem very introverted to me.

And have you heard, all extroverts are in fact actually introverts.  Which therefore means if introverts are introverts and extroverts are also introverts, aren’t we all introverts?  Yea, I’m fucking confused too.  And if we are all introverts, then isn’t that just being normal with normal fuckin insecurities?  So let me start that again.

I am a passionate, loud and determined normal person, with all the same fucking insecurities like everyone else.  I am a nearly-40-year-old woman in this crazy Instagram body-obsessed world and am stronger then I have ever, my battles have made me the woman I am becoming, I said 40, I’m not totally cooked yet!

I would love more than anything to share some insights on health and fitness, yoga and meditation, and some shit I find funny too.  I’m old enough to be life-coaching now too right? Without even having taken an online course in it, I’ve lived, I’m living: I’ve passed!  But don’t worry I will do best to avoid that route unless you, of course, come asking.

For now, I’d like to keep things light-hearted and delicious. Tomorrow check out Blog #2  on The best vegan food in Singapore.  Whether or not a vegan, trust me you will want to know about this place.

Heads up, I am now 3 weeks into my month vegan road test, more in another blog about this. I am really a massive Fegan (fake vegan, a word I created while on Project Runway): I cook vegan at home, (occasionally with my homemade chicken broth, yeah from a chicken, I love a Meaty-Monday to balance out the 6 days no meat, I think vegan food is great, but damn so is a real cheesecake. No one makes better cashew milk than me, and cashew milk F&$@s almond milk right outta the park!  My vegan balls are healthy on-the-go snacks. And I do my best to be kind to animals and eat less of them, but the body knows what the body wants.  Isn’t it better to be a little bit more vegan than not at all?

That’s all for today, and if you haven’t been to Secret Spot in Berawa, I think they are right now my top fav vegan cafes in Bali. Shhhh.. its a secret.