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Blog #5 Yoga for Beginners in Bali

Exciting news here at ROAR Fitness Health: we are introducing Beginner Yoga & Private Barre at our new studio in Padonan.  This might come as a shock to you, but fitness is getting so advanced these days, that we felt it was about time, we got back to the basics.

Bali is full of amazing top quality advance classes, which are great for some, but not everyone.  Starting out new in your fitness journey be it yoga or barre or the gym can feel super intimidating.  The studios nowadays host extremely advance programs from the yogi’s to the CrossFitters –  dedicated to their chosen practise.  It’s admirable, but also intimidating.

RFH Beginner Barre & Yoga are for complete newbies, those with some experience and for people who just wanna get back to the basics.  Limited to 6 clients per session you will received the best hands-on feedback and opportunity to get the best out of your practice.

We all begin somewhere and I would love you to begin with me.  Are you ready to start the habit of a lifetime?

DM for full details and if you are not in Bali, no worries, we can work together online.

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