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Blog #4 How healthy is your relationship with fitness, food & body image?

How healthy is your relationship with being healthy?  Has your relationship with health turned into an unhealthy habit?  Does working-out affect your relationships and work?  These are not unreasonable questions to ask.  More and more in my industry, I am witness to self-obsessed women and men feeding a very real and dangerous addiction to training, with detrimental effects on the mind and body.

An online population of both experts and novices encouraging you to train harder, train more, lift more etc.  Images of “perfect bodies,” adverts and posts how to lose more inches, more kilos, perfect your squat, handstand or whatever FB has been listening to you talk about.  We are constantly being told how great exercise is for mental health, but we have to remember who our audience is.  With the internet, it’s now… everyone. 

As an industry, we are turning a blind eye to some seriously dangerous levels of obsessions with food, fitness and body image.  Resulting in eating disorders, overtraining and depression by fueling a society of body-dysmorphia obsessed with an unrealistic version of physical perfection.

We are constantly told to train harder “every damn day” – what about rest.  No one tells you how important rest is.  How important it is to slow down and be in the moment, instead of running from it.

Health, mental and physical, goes beyond the perfect physical body.  This is something I feel passionate about.  My clients have always felt drawn to me and my “normal” body. I train hard, am fit, but not overly toned or unapproachable. This used to offend me, but now, its what makes me the honest and realistic version of my best self.

Let’s bring back balance.  Let’s work on self-love rather than self-punishment.  Let’s use the gym to complement our journey of personal growth, not take it over.  Let’s get a little more in touch with how we are feeling.  Let’s remember there is a world outside of the gym, outside of our narcissistic bubble.  Let’s discover art, meditation, cooking, travel, ice cream!  Does everything we have to do have to be about the body?

It is great to sweat, move, lift, run, train hard.  Let’s keep fitness a healthy habit.


Do you struggle with body-image issues, exercise addiction or yo-yo dieting and training and cannot seem to find the right balance?  Our programs can help you. We follow a holistic approach to your overall wellbeing, combining the ROARsome encouragement you need as well as a raw, female approach. Contact us today, or whenever you are ready 🙂

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